Mongstad Tavleteknikk AS

Service and Installation

Experienced field engineers, electricians and switchboard installers

Our installation, service and maintenance department plays an important role in the company's service offering.

The team consists of experienced electricians and switchboard builders who are specialized in the replacement and maintenance of switchboards of all sizes and levels of complexity.

This applies to both land-based installations, offshore installations and marine applications.

Modern tools and technology

We are equipped with modern tools and technology that ensure high quality during installation, service and maintenance on all types of boards. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the installations meet their requirements for quality and safety.

Works optimally

The department also offers tailored maintenance programs that ensure that the boards function as intended and meet all relevant standards and regulations.

We carry out regular tests, inspections and replacement of equipment as necessary to ensure that the boards perform optimally and provide our customers with peace of mind and reliability.