Mongstad Tavleteknikk AS

Documentation and certification

We draw in both 2D and 3D

We mainly use CAD-based ePlan Professional as a drawing tool, and can deliver drawing services in most formats. We draw in both 2D and 3D, which gives a high degree of utilization of our CNC machines and in production. Our drawing program generates a large amount of data that we use in production itself, for example order lists, marking files for components, marking files for connecting cables, hole punching images on the mounting plate and door, engraving files and wire processing files. By automating some of these processes, we have taken a significant step in streamlining production.

The services we deliver within drawing work

By using macros and a database, we also simplify the documentation as we can generate documentation files directly from E-plan.

Test, certification and classification

Test, certification and classification are part of our everyday life with customers in offshore and marine business. We find that more and more of our customers want to integrate us into this work. This means that the requirements for documentation, certification and classification in various formats have become a natural part of our everyday life, and we have therefore gained considerable experience with this.

Some examples of companies we have carried out certification/classification with: