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We are a licensed Sivacon S8 board builder.

For you as a customer, this means that we can offer type-approved boards and motor Control Centers up to 7000A, form 4B, extendable, Plug-in or fixed-mounted designs that meet the strictest requirements. They are suitable for all types of industry, on/offshore installations and building installations. Mongstad Tavle Teknikk AS is one of the few manufacturers of pull-out starters and feeders in half and quarter versions, and our concept means that this board type is very competitive both in terms of price and quality.

Ex boards

MTT is a leading board builder that also specializes in the production of Ex boards for various industries. We are proud to be DNV certified - which means that our products are tested and approved according to international standards.

Our experienced team of engineers and fitters have extensive knowledge of Ex areas, and have designed and built a range of innovative and reliable products, which are designed to handle the toughest conditions. We use high-quality components and materials to ensure that our products meet our customers' needs and expectations.

We supply Ex equipment suitable for use in a range of industries, including the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, mining and maritime industry. We also offer customized solutions for our customers to ensure that the equipment fits their specific needs and requirements.

We are committed to providing high quality Ex equipment at competitive prices while maintaining strict safety standards and delivery deadlines. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Emergency power boards

Operationally critical equipment requires a stable and uninterrupted power supply and has high standards for safety and efficiency.

The key to safe and sustainable transport projects lies in the integration of procedures for operation, traffic management and safety.

Our solutions can be delivered with:

Relay boards

We design, program, manufacture, test and certify a wide selection of relay boards and automation boards.

Our references and experience within on- and offshore, industry, power and Subsea control systems are good and long.

Close cooperation with the customer and end user is the key word for a good delivery. Some of what we can deliver:

IAS Boards

Marine boards have always been one of our core areas. Available space is always a key word on ships, and we help our customers with special adaptations and flexible solutions for this. We also provide personnel for conversion on board if you wish. We can carry out everything from planning, production to testing, documentation and certification of shipboards.

Whether you do the planning yourself, or want this partially or completely carried out by us or others, we can produce the board for you. We use well-known and flexible systems and materials, which are very applicable in various combinations.