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Power Partner to
Rockwell Automation in Norway

We are proud to be part of the Rockwell Automation Partner Network. Together, we help companies to modernize their operations and realize the benefits of a connected company.

Frequency converters – High voltage

PowerFlex® 7000 MV

The PowerFlex® 7000 MV is supplied in air-cooled or liquid-cooled versions and is available in a wide power range, from 150 – 25,000 kW. The converter is current-controlled and the perfect choice for retrofits, long motor cables, demanding loads and regenerative operation.

PowerFlex® 6000T MV

The PowerFlex® 6000T MV is an excellent option for general applications that do not require regenerative operation, such as fans, pumps and compressors. The converters are supplied in an air-cooled version in the power range 100 – 11,000 kW and motor voltage 2.3 – 11 kV. Input voltage 2.3 – 13.8 kW

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Frequency converters – low voltage

PowerFlex® 755T

PowerFlex® 755T from Rockwell Automation is designed to reduce harmonic distortion, regeneration. The series also includes a multi-converter solution with a common DC bus. PowerFlex 755T are the first inverters to be delivered with TotalForce® technology. PF 755T include "Active Front End" as standard.

MTT also offers standard 6-pulse converters from Rockwell, as complete system solutions with EMC and sine filters where this is required.

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