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Arc detection and protection

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Market-leading solutions for arc detection

Extra measures against arc faults in boards can be implemented by using special protective equipment or using tested arc-proof board solutions. Such measures are often implemented in the offshore industry but also partly in land-based industry. In recent years, various arc flash monitors have appeared which monitor the installation and cut the power if something is wrong with the electrical system. The technology closes the safety gap that electrical installations represent today. Through its partnership agreement with Arcteq in Finland, MTT can offer market-leading solutions for arc detection and arc protection. We can also supply extinguishing systems for the best possible arc protection.

Arc guard that breaks the current

In technical language, the solution is called an "Ark Fault Detection Unit", in Norwegian it is called an arc monitor.

The arc guards are easily mounted as an additional module on each course in the board cabinet. It works in such a way that it monitors the entire installation on the relevant fuse course and detects the abnormal and unwanted arcs.

Small investment, easy assembly

Compared to what the loss of human life and physical assets in fires costs, an investment in this type of safety equipment is small.